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Internet Buyers Beware

Buyers guide to purchasing product off the internet.

I see alot of search engines [one big one in particular] are trying to control the internet shopping by not actually taking you to the web site but by listing the products in one list from many different sites and then marking the porducts as not stocked. It appears in such a way that the average punter thinks for example it is my business and that I dont stock that product. It annouys the crap out of me and we get phone calls along those lines all the time from people who never even click through to our web site to see what we are about.  They also list paid ads first so if you are not finding what you are looking for keep drilling down to the 7th and 8th page back on your searches and you will find the skilled businesses and small operators who will have the better quality products if that is what you are chasing.

Now that the big players have been establised in this internet space they are now constantly trying to invent revenue strems by manipulating traffic for online sales to boost businesses paying for clicks, etc. and advertising revenue etc.  So when you can't find what you want or you only see one player or it lists all overseas companies, keep in mind how your search might be being manipulated and drill down a lot further into the following pages of your search right down to page 10 and 12 and deeper. You will start to reconise whats going on and get better information if you do this.
Scammers and spammers are a shifty lot of individuals and they will do their best to dupe you and me into their schemes. These scams seem to reinvent themselves but basically go like this ... others try to steal web site traffic by blatantly ripping of our pictures and text and putting it up as their own product as if they produce and make it themselves. Quite often there is a highly inflated price attached to it but often than not it is also a cheaper price.

Apparently there is software you can buy that does this for the scammers so they do not even have to work at it, others just use cheap labour in other countries to do their dirty work, I have no idea what happens to your money if you end up buying something off these web sites, do they just then order the same thing anomalously from someone else and pocket the huge mark up or do they take the money and run.

Their tactics and actions border on fraudulent and certainly they are trying to take your money by deception which is totally illegal under the Australian trade practices act.

We have rung up as a customer to see what they are saying about our products and have had to listen to a bunch of lies told to us as is if it were a fact.

Problem is these clowns can be hard to track down so here are some hard and fast rules you need to adopt so as to alert you to potential problems when you are evaluating parts suppliers on the web.

We make a point of making ourselves available at variuos swap meets and car shows with our products on show so keep this in mind when you are evaluating a new player you have not heard of before, are they putting themselves out there or hiding. Also this brings to mind for you to be sure about thier name or the name on the web site, some will pick a name to appear like they are someone else to confuse you.

Some selling sites have a mix of parts and bits that do not seem to gel together, this is a hunch or a feeling thing you have to develop, so just be aware, use it as something to alert you to open you mind as to ask yourself what are these guys about.

Some sites have no mention of the manufacturers for those parts. This is a fair indication that they are not an approved reseller. If in doubt ring or email the manufacturer and ask them if they deal with these guys regularly.

They use lots of gimmicks like for example …. ‘Hot rush overnight parts to you’ …. or similar phrases to get you in … or half naked girls .................. just rubbish marketing

The most obvious signs of a scam is no fixed address. Some do not even have a post office box.

I have seen sites with a picture of their so called premises yet there is no fixed address. You know you can always use google maps to double check a fixed address to help you ascertain if they are legit or not. Just type it in and then go to the street scape to see if you can recognise the building. Beware they have not just ripped it off google maps either, that would make me real suspect. Look the main thing is legitimate businesses will not hide behind a website or a post office box.

Ask if you can drop in to look at the products, most legitimate businesses will not have a problem with this, even if they do not stock what you want you can always look at what else they do. Even people that work from home will usually be obliging in some way. Obviously if they are interstate or overseas it is not practical to do this.

If you have not dealt with them, phone them and talk to them. Scammers find it difficult to lie for too long, they tend to contradict themselves. However some have the gift of the gab and know what to say so beware. Most people have a gut feeling when they are been told porky pies. Listen to your gut.

Who is the fella you will be dealing with do they have a name what is their back ground. Are they well known in their industry.

Check their ABN and ACN at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and search the ASIC registers. Sometimes but not always there will be some inconsistancies in information, addresses, persons, or there may be some proceedings or rulings against the company. Read into that what you will, however remember a lot of the ASIC info is hard to understand for the average punter.

Forums can be an indicator to see if much has been put up about a company, however remember some people have vendettas and can be quite bitter and twisted and forums seem to attract them and breed bad mouthing of others at times. We all make mistakes from time to time so be mindful that all you read may not be totally true on the forums.

Here at Kustom Bitz we work hard on producing useful information and pictures on our web site so our customers can be an informed buyer. We work hard to build repour and trust with our suppliers and promote the brands we represent with integrity. Which is why we want to point out to the average punters how to avoid scammers and spammers.

We would love to list all the dodgy websites here that we know of but we would open a can of worms we are not sure can be opened without retribution. So please if you see our stuff somewhere else by all means shoot us an email and we will confirm if they deal with us or are on our no go list.

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Kustom Bitz news

'67 Toyota Crown Ute - another air ride bagged project

by kustombitz on 01 Apr 2021
The Toyota Crown ute is progressing along, the body is fitting the modified original chassis and this is how it will look when it's dropped ... I think it has the right stance ... The framing you can see is holding the upper body together as the floor and lower sections are rusted away and have been cut out, then to be completely refabbed by us.  The frame allows us to lift the body on and off as we please during this stage.

1940 Ford Coupe chassis BBC 454 L80E 9" and air ride

by kustombitz on 01 Apr 2021
Kustom Bitz just completed a 35-41 chassis, stepped up at the rear and a reversed centre X member allow this chassis to sit 40mm off the deck. It runs a Rod Tech IFS, big block chevy and L80E auto, a 9 inch diff with floating hubs, all on modified original rails. Kustom Bitz has developed our own boxing plates that suit the original rails near on perfectly. Original Ford rails are curved from front to back there are no straight sections, so to get something that fits right we had to jig the chassis up and map them out.  This is what we do, when it just needs to be done right to make it a well engineered car.  This allowed us to make a nice transistion for a high step at the rear. We have designed in 6 inches of travel at the back, so this car can have a normal, almost stock ride height then dumped to the max when parked.

LS Engine swap and custom air bag IFS

by kustombitz on 19 Feb 2020
'67 Toyota Crown ute chassis build is going well. Got the LS engine and 6 speed manual box in place and we can use all the orginal serpentine pulleys, brackets etc. The narrow wheel track on the Toyota called for a tailored solution when it came to the front end.  These old Toyotas dont have service parts available any more so the front end had to be changed, so that made a brake upgrade alot easier too. We run R6 air bags from Air Ride sitting at a ride height of 6" for the air bag so got plenty of air volume in them for a good ride quality and a full length travel shock absorber so we get proper rebound tuning, along with a power steering rack.  So at the sill [belly of the car] we get a 5" ride hieght with a 4 inch drop, this thing will look great.

Double shear brackets - rear coil overs Hot Rod Chassis

by kustombitz on 30 May 2019
Recently in Victoria some engineers have called for the upper and lower mounts for the rear coil over shockers to be a double shear bracket.  The thoery is that the bolt has too much twisting force on it and it will break. Well thats why on Hot Rods we use a 5/8" grade 8 bolt in a single shear bracket application to over engineer it so it does not break. A typical OEM application uses a 1/2" bolt in a double shear bracket. However to please the engineer we have thought out a simple plate kit that can be welded in on the upper mounts as you see here to satisfy their requirements and should fit into most applications without too much effort or rework.  We have a lower mount bracket nutted out as well.

Diff bump stops custom made

by kustombitz on 08 Mar 2019
So many hot rod shops don't install proper bump stops.  In this instance we had to rebuild the shocker mounts on the diff as the rear end was bottoming out on the shocker travel becasue it had no properly designed bump stops in place. So the shock absorber mounting bracket was absorbing every bump when the suspension bottomed out, easy to see why both mounts broke. While we were repairing the diff I made a simple yet effective progressive bump stop that is held in place via the U bolts that hold the diff to the leaf springs. It turned out a very successful set up. This is yet another example how Kustom Bitz can sort out problems on your custom car or hot rod, its what we do.

Torana A9X custom made rear pan hard bar 9" Diff

by kustombitz on 08 Mar 2019
Back in the day Group C racing one of the tricks to get the Holden Torana to handle nice and be more predictable in corners was to fit a rear pan hard bar to give much better diff locating than the OEM triangulated 4 bars offered.  However the body, subframe and floor pan at the rear is no where near strong enoungh to concentrate the loads of pan hard bar in any one spot, so it has to be carefully planned and constructed, especially so in a street car like this that we cannot put a full roll cage in. You see in a race car I can place the roll cage in a position to pick up such loads placed on the pan hard bar brackets, but in this situaton we couldn't. The picture above is with the unit installed, keep in mind the car was just a shell so no weight was in it and the rear is sitting high. Once the full wieght of the car is on, it will sit fairly level.  It retains the original triangulated 4 bars however we run PU bushes in the bottom arms and ordinary rubber in the top arms. So the lower arms and pan hard bar do the locating and the top arms have some give so they don't bind with the pan hard bar.

Hot Rod 38 Plymouth custom panel fabrication

by kustombitz on 04 Dec 2018
We have put a lot of time and effort into this 38 Plymouth.  The whole rear lower panel and floor right through to under the seat has been completely hand fabricated and replaced.  The front and rear mud guards have been widened and the shape reworked for cleaner lines, the guard edge now follows the wheel's shape and shall feature a straight edge running clean up those ugly Plymouth bits but still retain some typically Plymouth features like the swage lines. We have basically just fattened it up and made it more curvey.

Our first wheels up Launch in Vintage Gas drag racing

by kustombitz on 27 Aug 2018
First pass for the day in Q1 in Vintage Gas [V/Gas] and we did our first wheels up launch in "Angas" and later in the day ran our best time so far with this combo with an 8.80s for the 1/8th mile track with an ET of 79mph.  The venue was Sunset Dragway which is just outside Mildura in country VIC. It was a 20deg sunny spring day with little wind, an all but perfect day for this time of year.  Great facilities at this venue for grass roots racers like us and they really looked after all of us racers, so its well worth the trip we had a blast. As far as our little 105e Anglia Gasser goes there is still heaps in it yet when a few tech issues get sorted out, but totally stoked at the moment. woo whooo .....

Custom made fuel tanks

by kustombitz on 14 Aug 2018
Kustom Bitz has made a number of fuel tanks in mild steel and then we line them with KBS Coatings fuel tank liner which seals the inside off from rusting.  The beauty of mild steel is we can design it in such a way that it does not need strapps becasue it doesn't fatigue in a way like alloy or stainless steel with similar brackets.  It does not have to be perfectly square either, most of the tanks we have made are odd shapes to maximise the available space to gain maximum fuel capacity. The other advantage of mild steel is that in an accident it is less likely to split, even along the welds becuse we hand make them from cold rolled steel which will deform long before it splits and cracks. A custom tank is time consuming to do so if you can fit a cheap mass produced tank in your car then go for it, however if a technical outcome is what you are after then we can assist.

Swan Hill Dragway in country VIC

by kustombitz on 01 Jun 2018
Nostalgia drags were on last weekend at the newly constructed Swan Hill Dragway. The first big meeting had an enourmous turn out of cars, there was some serious race cars there representing all classes. What a venue this track is going to be as they complete the supporting facilites.  Australian Nostalgia Racers put on the event in conjustion with the local Swan Hill Drag club members and it was a credit to all who were involved, I can tell you it is well worth the drive up there ..... just go. We had our Shop drag car that runs in Vintage Gas class, of which we have named ANGAS which is short [obviously] for Anglia Gasser.  This is our test bed for experience in racing and tuning AussieSpeed Performance Parts  We run a 250 6 cyl Ford Crossflow engine with an AussieSpeed AS0216 4brl intake and a double pumper carby, big hyd cam, high comp pushing down through a 4 speed stick to a Hilux diff.  First time out for the new combo and still alot of sorting to do, so the times were down but the fun level was up and over the top. You can view the build of the car here facebook@angliagasser 

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